Feed-In Tariff- Tony Anderson

Feed-In Tariff

Video Transcript:
Feeding tariffs I see as just an extension of our current net metering program.  Under our current program, you can put up a solar panel or a windmill and we will pay you 8.2¢.  That’s our average retail rate.  That used to be 4.5¢.  We’ve since doubled it.  But if you go to total feeding tariffs, where they want 50¢ and 60¢ a kilowatt hour, I feel like that’s just too much subsidy.  That’s too much to put on my members’ backs because our goal is affordable electricity.  And I would ask, who would pay 60¢ a kilowatt hour for electricity when they can get it for 8¢?  To me it doesn’t make any sense.  I think the industry has to produce a better, cheaper, more affordable product and not just tell the utilities that they have to subsidize it, or the rate pair.  I just don’t think that’s fair, realistic or affordable.