Climate Change- Karel Rogers, PhD

Video Transcript:

Climate change is the same thing as global warming.  Global warming, on the other hand, is terminology that leads people to believe that every place you are on the earth is going to get warmer.  Climate change has more of the implication that we’re dealing with a chaotic system, which means that some places get wetter, some places get dryer, some places get hotter, some places get colder, some windier, some less wind, and so on.  It’s important when you think about climate change, to recognize the difference between climate and weather.  Weather is what’s going on outside at any given point in time, whereas climate is the sum total of the highs and lows of temperatures, extremes of wind and weather events and so on, that make it so that particular species of plants and animals can live in particular regions.  Changing climate means we’re literally taking a chance on everything that humans depend upon for stability in our civilization.