Carbon Sequestration- Elena Lioubimtseva, PhD


In recent years, there has been so much focus on carbon sequestration in our media and our public discussion and the political discussion.  Everybody seems to be interested in carbon sequestration.  Everybody seems to be looking for a solution for the global warming problem, through carbon sequestration.

What is it exactly?  Well, sequestration basically is another sense to a word for storage.  How much carbon can be stored in different sinks?  The atmosphere, terrestrial vegetation, surface of the ocean, soils, deep ocean; all these sinks contain a certain amount of carbon.  All of them have a certain carbon sequestration potential.  The question is, do we want to manage carbon cycle?  Do we want to try to interfere even more into the nature and influence more and more the processes of movement of carbon between the sinks?  And this is a big question.